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Association 'Women without Osteoporosis'

Ms Mel Read, MEP. - took the lead of the
First Bulgarian Women's Forum Against Osteoporosis

Moments from First Bulgarian Women’s Forum against Osteoporosis: Mrs. Mel Read – M.E.P.(left) and representatives of International Women’s club of Sofia

The culmination the WOD campaign in Bulgaria was the visit of Ms Mel Read M.E.P. - founder and Chairwoman of the Group on Osteoporosis at the European Parliament. She arrived in the country at the invitation of the Association "Women without Osteoporosis" and her first meeting was in the Parliament with Proff. Atanas Shterev – Head of Parliament Health Commission .

The Bulgarian Women’s Forum against Osteoporosis was held at "Sheraton-Balkan" Hotel, Sofia, with the participation of prestigious woman's non-governmental organizations like the International Women’s Club of Sofia whose members include women-diplomats and ambassadors' wives, leading Bulgarian specialists in the fields of osteoporosis, representatives of scientific medical societies, ministries and departments, connected with the spheres of health. There was a strong interest to the event on the part of the journalists from the Capital media. The speech of Ms Mel Read was very stimulating and met with excitement from the audience. The present elite ladies' public, representing the non-governmental sector, signed a "Call for action" document addressed to the governmental institutions of the country to undertake urgent measures for limitation of osteoporosis before the first fracture.

A fashion show was held after the Women's Roundtable. It featured clothes designed for women with osteoporosis by the young designer Ms Veneta Atanassova.

At the end of the event, a fashion show was held featuring clothes for women with osteoporosis developed by the young designer Ms Veneta Atanassova.


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