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Lega Italiana Osteoporosi (LIOS)

First Italian Women's Roundtable and Marathon among LIOS' 2003 World Osteoporosis Day events

First Italian Women’s Round Table against Osteoporosis
On October20, in Milan, the First Italian Women’s Round Table against Osteoporosis was held, with the sponsorship of the International Osteoporosis Foundation. Famous Italian fashion creator Anna Molinari was the moderator. Among the participants, Italian Senate members Emanuela Baio Dossi and Rossana Boldi, actresses Veronika Logan and Daniela Poggi, entrepreneurs Paola Dukcevich and Ambra Orfei, journalists Antonella Appiano and Gianna Milano, with Maria Luisa Bianchi, M.D., Secretary General of the LIOS. Mrs. Anna Molinari was named “LIOS First Ambassador” and received a LIOS Award for her engagement in the fight against osteoporosis.
The Round Table was covered by TV networks like Odeon TV and RAI 3 (the evening news included an interview with M.L. Bianchi), and by many newspapers and magazines. More articles and TV/radio broadcasts are expected in the next weeks.

In addition, for the second year, LIOS has created a DIARY 2004 for bone’s health, with news, recipes, exercises, suggestions.

women's round table. From the left: actress Veronica Logan, actress Daniela Poggi, entrepreneur Paola Dukcevich, fashion designer Anna Molinari, Secretary General of LIOS Dr. Maria Luisa Bianchi, journalist Antonella Appiano, Italian Senate members Baio Dossi and Rossana Boldi, Milano, entrepreneur Ambra Orfei

women's round table. From left: Veronica Logan, Daniela Poggi, Paola Dukcevich, Anna Molinari, Maria Luisa Bianchi

A Marathon:
On October 11 & 12, at Carpi, near Modena, the famous Memorial Enzo Ferrari Marathon was run. Lega Italiana Osteoporosi (LIOS) was invited to be a sponsor, to underline the importance of physical activity to preserve bone health and prevent osteoporosis. For the occasion, LIOS produced a T-shirt with its society logo and internet address, as well as an “anti-sweat” forehead band with logo

The winner of the "Memorial Enzo Ferrari Marathon" in Carpi at the finish line


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