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Norsk Osteoporoseforening

The Oslo exhibition of "Osteoporosis: A Photographic Vision" attracts strong public and media interest

The opening of the Toscani photographic exhibit in the old Posthuset I Kvadraturen, the landmark post office building in Oslo.

There was great media interest in the Norwegian launch of OSTEOPOROSIS: A PHOTOGRAPHIC VISION, which was presented March 8-13, 2004 at the famous Posthuset I Kvadraturen, the old Post Office building which is a landmark in Oslo. The dramatic photographic exhibition, created by Italian photographer Oliviero Toscani attracted some 1500 visitors, including physicians and journalists who were given a special opening preview.

Altogether some 1500 people attended the exhibit which also had a strong and positive media echo.

A personal look at osteoporosis: six osteoporosis patients walked down a catwalk, like a fashion show, with a doctor explaining what risk factors they had and their case histories.

The exhibition was brought to Oslo thanks to a generous grant from MSD. A well-attended press conference, which focused on osteoporosis-related health policy in Norway, was held with the active participation of the Norwegian Osteoporosis Society and the Bone and Joint Decade-Norway.

Oliviero Toscani spoke at the special preview for physicians, praising the generousity of the patients who posed for the exhibit and expressing his hope that the exhibit will help more people become aware of osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis: A Photographic Vision is a project produced by IOF and the Deutches Grunes Kreuz. It has toured numerous cities in Europe, helping to draw attention to the human cost of the disease. The three-metre high black and white photographs dramatically show the physical changes brought about by osteoporosis, while stressing the dignity and hope of the individual osteoporosis patients who posed for the photographs.


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