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Association for Prevention of Osteoporosis in Romania (ASPOR)

"Multilevel" Osteoporosis campaign in Romania

ASPOR started a “multilevel” OP campaign during April-May 2004. We targeted -first of all: the authorities, trying to raise their responsibility in acting in time for creating an efficient O.P. health-care system in Romania. Many articles were published (in 7 national journals) about the crippling disease, and our prospective future..if not prevented. Official visits have been payed to the Ministry of Health.
To “show authorities” what has to be done: two OP societies (Aspor and Arfos) initiated an “early detection campaign”: On the 21st of April, a press conference made known that a free phone line is available starting with the 10th of May for those who have questions and would like to undergo free of charge BMD scans in Romania’s five biggest cities for a duration of six months.
Wishing to aim the professionals too, the medical branches interested in OP, we organized a symposium in Bucharest, being honored with the presence of physicians from all over the country (mainly endocrinologists, rheumatologists), and last but not least with national and international VIPs as speakers which made our event all the most successful


press conference: Telverde


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