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Sociedad Brasileira de Pacientes com Osteoporose (SOBRAPCO)

Huge attendance at Rio de Janeiro World Osteoporosis Day community event

The Brazilian Osteoprosis Societies' World Osteoporosis Day community march in Rio de Janeiro has become a tradition. On October 2004 SOBRAPCO, the patient society affiliated with SOBRAO, organized another such event along the beautiful Copacabana beach.

The WOD march attracted young and old

As in previous years,the event attracted over 1500 participants. The march began at the Meridian Hotel and ended at Leme Military Base. The many activities included:
-distribution of T-shirts, caps, mineral water, yo-yo's,and lunch-snack ticket
-Fitness Center Race

Participants completed the one-minute risk test and those at risk were offered consultation and a free ultrasound test

-Free Bone Ultrasound exams for 500 participants at risk

-Lecture on osteoporosis by Prof. Rubem Lederman, as well as lectures on the importance of calicium and proper diet as well as the importance of exercise for the elderly

-exercise session
-free diabetes and blood pressure exams
-dancing activities
-Yo-Yo shows, training, and contest with prizes
-Puppet show

SOBRAPCO used the opportunity to attract new members. As a sign of community solidarity, participants were asked to donate 1 kg of any type of non-perishable food to groups working with the needy.


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