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Sociedad Boliviana de Osteologia y Metabolismo Mineral


Symposium on Osteoporosis.

Within the program of the III Bolivian Congress of Rheumatology and the Andinean, Caribean and Central America Association of Rheumatology, the past August 25th and 26th, at Santa Cruz de la Sierra city, the Bolivian Ostheology & Mineral Metabolism Association (ABOMM) participated with a specific symposium on advances in osteoporosis. Bone biomechanics, genetics,
histomorphometry, maxilla bone, and diagnosis and treatments at practice,where the main developed topics. Prof José Luis Ferretti, Emilio Roldán, and
Víctor Montangero, from Argentina, were guest peakers, while ABOMM president Dra. Lucía Lijerón represented the local Association.
The section was complemented with a further round table focusing the potential interactions between doctors and odontologist seeking to solve the
problems in diagnosis and treatments of the "bone support" for teeth, being the well known implantologist Prof Justiano invited for the occasion.
These activities are part of ABOMM efforts in improving education and creating a proper scientific atmosphere in the region, which in turn will help to support the development of epidemiological and clinical local studies.


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