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Beinvernd – The Icelandic Osteoporosis Foundation

Osteoporosis in men the focus of Iceland's many WOD events: National soccer team tests their bones

Several days before an important match, the national soccer team had their bones tested: It proved to be a real media attraction!

Beinvernd’s WOD activities focused on osteoporosis in men. On October 13, a few days before the World Cup football match between Iceland and Sweden, the national soccer team was invited to have a bone density measurement in their preparation for the game. Sports-reporters and the press were invited to the event which resulted in great media coverage. The news hit the front page of the sports-issue of MORGUNBLADID (the country's largest newspaper) and the evening-TV news on the national tv/radio station RUV!

October 16-17 featured Health days under the motto “get off the couch” in cooperation with the Icelandic Sport and Olympic Association and other health societies and organizations. During those days Beinvernd distributed or handed out booklets, offered bone density measurements (ultrasound measurements) and responded to questions from the public.

Male parliamentarians were invited to learn about osteoporosis and enjoy a calcium rich lunch

Three articles about osteoporosis appeared in MORGUNBLADID on the 18th,19th and 20th and one article in FRETTABLADID on the 20th. There was also a full-page ad in these newpapers on the 20th of October and smaller ads the days before and after WOD as well as tv-ads.

In order to focus on health policy issues, a meeting with all male MPs in Iceland was held on October 20th. Dr. Bjorn Gudbjornsson, chairman of Beinvernd, welcomed the MPs and give a brief lecture on the cost of osteoporosis. Adalsteinn Gudmundsson, MD, (a specialist in internal medicine and geriatrics) gave a lecture on male osteoporosis. Halldora Bjornsdottir gave a short overview of what Beinvernd has accomplished during the last few years and what will be done in the near future. Beinvernd subsequently invited the MPs to a calcium-rich lunch.


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