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NOF makes a lot of noise on World Osteoporosis Day

Vevusela horns (those noisy, irritating horns that blare at soccer games and sporting events) will be distributed to prominent businesses on the Monday preceding WOD. The horns will feature the NOF logo and catchline "Osteoporosis is a silent disease. Make a noise". NOF will also distribute blue ribbons on WOD itself (similar to the pink breast cancer ones).

Through a partnership with Virgin Active, a big, nationwide gym chain with approximately 70 clubs, NOF will distribute risk tests and membership application forms during the month of October in support of WOD. The company will also incorporate osteoporosis in their new "Road to wellness Campaign" which is to be launched on the 20th of October!

A strong media presence is being achieved with the help of a Weber-Shandwick affiliate, Total Media. Together with Total Media, NOF has sent out press releases to local and national newspapers and magazines. NOF is also negotiating to have its TV spot appear on television stations. A radio spot will be played in the week leading up to WOD from the 11th to the 20th of October.

NOF is also looking forward to the launch of its new, more consumer- friendly logo.


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