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Osteoporosis New Zealand Inc

Catwalk Stage for Charity

Osteoporosis is a disease that affects primarily women and specifically bone strength, posture and poise. Later in life, it can result in brittle bones which fracture.

The alignment with New Zealand's premier fashion event is designed to help raise awareness of this debilitating condition.

Air New Zealand Fashion Week managing director Pieter Stewart says the event has evolved to such an extent that it can now play a role in support of strong social messages as well as promoting the unique creativity of New Zealand fashion.

"Good posture and fashion go hand in hand and both receive equal scrutiny at Air New Zealand Fashion Week. As an event that attracts the interest of a broad section of the community, we are pleased to be able to use our profile to raise awareness of osteoporosis. We are proud to be associated with such a deserving cause."

Julia Gallagher, who is executive manager of Osteoporosis New Zealand, says the organisation's involvement with Air New Zealand Fashion Week provides an ideal showcase.

"We are delighted to have the support of such a high profile event as Air New Zealand Fashion Week and as Pieter says, the association is an ideal platform to help raise awareness for osteoporosis.

"This year we have welcomed Healtheries of New Zealand as one of our principal sponsor. We are working with both Healtheries and Fashion Week to promote the fact that osteoporosis is preventable and you need to start early."

More than half of New Zealand women and nearly a third of men older than 60 suffer from fractures caused by osteoporosis. It can't be cured, but early action to ensure bones receive enough calcium will help prevent the condition.

Healtheries' support for Osteoporosis New Zealand includes donations from the sales of its CalciBuild products and a commitment to ONZ with profile-raising activities.

Sarah Kennedy, managing director of Healtheries says the company is raising awareness of osteoporosis by providing ultrasound bone scans at Air New Zealand Fashion Week.

"The scans are simple, safe and painless," Ms Kennedy says. "They involve an ultrasound wave being passed through the heel. In this way we can assess the density of bones and this result, when considered with other factors, can indicate the level of risk of suffering from osteoporosis."

Delegates to Air New Zealand Fashion Week are being offered the scans and also receive a sample of the company's new CalciBuild Chewable tablet. The range was launched this year to coincide with Healtheries' support for ONZ.

Numbered among Air New Zealand Fashion Week delegates are high profile buyers from both New Zealand and international fashion houses.


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