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Slovene Osteoporosis Patient Society

World Osteoporosis Day in Slovenia

The 20th October, World Osteoporosis Day, is celebrated at the same time as in many other cities of the world.

The current year is very important for our society since Slovenia as the new member of the European Union has also joined a project called OSTEOPOROSIS IN THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITY. Slovene members of the European Parliament have joined the European Parliament Osteoporosis Interest Group which is a parliamentary but nevertheless informal all-round activity group. This group introduced the initiative on osteoporosis in the parliament at the end of last year called “Call to action”.

In Slovenia this year’s WOD was marked with two events. One in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, and the other in Portorož, the well-known Slovene seaside resort. The first, on the 20th October is intended for representatives of government, health insurance, health professionals and media.

The second, on 23rd October is intended for members of the Slovene Osteoporosis Patients Society. We are sorry that we had to limit the number of participants to 500 as there are no larger facilities available at the time of the event.

At the event in Ljubljana, Duša Hlade Zore, M.D., president of Slovene Osteoporosis Patients Society , together with the Slovene Member of the European Parliament, introduced the initiative in greater detail. Key opinion leader prof. Andreja Kocijanèiè and doc. Radko Komadina discussed the treatment of patients with osteoporosis in Slovenia in comparison to other EU member states. They also presented the data on the preliminary results of a study on osteoporosis prevalence within the Slovene population. This study is organized through the Chair of Family Medicine and the Chair of Surgery of the Medical Faculty in Ljubljana and the Bone & Joint Decade project. 40 general practitioners are participating in the study, which will include 800 patients.

In Portorož the programme will be enlarged with the 2004 topic “Osteoporosis in Men” and a presentation of the incidence of Osteoporosis in the Slovene Karst and Coastal Region. The guests will enjoy a musical performance of selected Slovene artists.

In addition, a large media campaign with the slogan you can do a lot by yourselves, which was started last year in October on the occasion of World Osteoporosis Day, will be again repeated this year. The campaign is being organized on a national and local level (advertising and interviews on TV and Radio stations, articles in national and local newspapers and magazines).


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