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Association 'Women without Osteoporosis'

The One-Minute Test of IOF was presented in a direct transmission on Bulgarian National Radio

Directly on air in program “Horizon” of Bulgarian National Radio – the most listened information program in Bulgaria – was presented The One-Minute Test of IOF from Dr. Masha Gavrailova, Head of Department “Prophylaxis of diseases and promotion of health” at the Ministry of Health.
Two hours and a half in the first hours of September 24, 2004, the listeners of “Night Horizon” were acquainted with osteoporosis and the ways for its prevention. The journalist Plamena Bachijska leading the transmission presented the theme in a popular and effective way, concerning very skillfully all the important moments about – from the prophylaxis by correct nutrition and sufficient physical activity to the possibilities for treatment and diagnostics. She pointed that Bulgaria is still very far from the necessary 8 DXA-devices per 1 million populations. Interlocutors in the studio of “Night Horizon” were Dr. Masha Gavrailova from the Ministry of Health and Dr. Anna Liksova – rheumatologist, expert to Association “Women without Osteoporosis”. Took part also Ms Aya Lilova, Deputy Chairwoman of Association “Women without Osteoporosis”, and Ms Olga Manolova – coordinator to the Association, who was included directly from the town of Shoumen. There was carrying out the Campaign for early information of the women at 50 about osteoporosis risks – part of the nominated by IOF and “Eli Lilly” (Istanbul’2003) project of Association “Women without Osteoporosis”.
The concrete reason for the transmission was the “Route of Health” organized by the Association “Women without Osteoporosis” on September 25, 2004, in the Hunting Park near Sofia - part of the global initiative “Move for Health” of WHO. As a result, the initiative of the Association was visited by many new followers of the active motion and transformed into a peculiar call for active ageing through motion and physical activity on the eve of October 1 – the Day of Aged People. The listeners of “Night Horizon” had the possibility also to be acquainted with the great numbers of events planned by the Association during October and devoted to the World Osteoporosis Day’ 2004.


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