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Lega Italiana Osteoporosi (LIOS)

Shining a spotlight on World Osteoporosis Day 2004

This year’s message is “Non mollare l’osso” (meaning “don’t let go of the bone”... In Italian “Let go of the bone!” is a popular idiom, meaning “Give it to me!”). The slogan is intended to remind people of the necessity to always take care of their bones.

Around October 20, LIOS advertisements were published in many newspapers and magazines, 200 big posters (3 x 6 meters) appeared on the streets of the 3 biggest Italian cities (Milan, Rome and Naples), and the same posters in a reduced size were displayed in 60 health & fitness centres around Italy. In addition an announcement was broadcast by many radio networks.

LIOS was able to obtain all these spaces for free, thanks to the higher awareness of the osteoporosis problem and to the complimentary collaboration of Lowe Pirella and Chorus Media, well-known advertising companies.

'A light on osteoporosis'at the famous Castel S'Angelo in Rome. This was part of an international campaign which spotlighted famous monuments in various cities throughout Europe.

In Rome, on the evening of October 20, an international event, the 'A Light on Osteoporosis campaign' was held. The famous Castel Sant’Angelo was lit up with a coloured ribbon of light and there was a public meeting on osteoporosis.

Daniela Poggi, the popular actress and TV presenter who has been a supporter of LIOS since 2003, spoke at the WOD talk show.

A talk-show with some well-known people (including politicians), was followed by a gastronomic meeting with a taste of some calcium-rich recipes created by a famous cook, Marco Olivieri.

A talk show was organized by LIOS in cooperation with Federcasilinghe. The speakers included actress Daniela Poggi, LIOS supporter; Dr M.L.Bianchi, secretary general of LIOS; F. Gasparini, president of Federcasilinghe; Dr. Gargiulo, well-known TV presenter and general practitioner.

Furthermore, as in previous years, LIOS created the “2005 Notebook for bone’s health”, full of news, recipes, exercises and other advice, including weekly reminders about physical activity and therapy.
150,000 copies of a new LIOS leaflet (“Osteoporosis: everything you should know to prevent and manage it”) were distributed free of charge at many doctor’s offices.

LIOS was invited to give a lecture at the Meeting (open to the public) “The importance of milk and dairy products in the prevention of osteoporosis”, at the largest Italian fair of the cheese industry at Vallo della Lucania (Salerno) on October 15, which has wide international participation.


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