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Osteoporosis New Zealand Inc

Osteoporosis strikes gold!

L to R: Georgina Evers-Swindell with Osteoporosis NZ Executive Manager, Julia Gallagher and Caroline Evers-Swindell - congratualtions all round on their appointment as ONZ Bone Ambassadors

Fresh from their triumphs in Athens, the champion double scull duo has agreed to help raise the profile of this debilitating bone disease for Osteoporosis New Zealand (ONZ).

Caroline and Georgina Evers-Swindell say they are delighted to be involved. “We agreed to become ambassadors for Osteoporosis New Zealand because it’s an excellent fit for us,” Caroline says.

“Now is the right time for women of our age to be thinking about the future. We eat healthy food and we stay fit and look after our bodies, and an important part of that, we believe, is also looking after our bones.”

Georgina echoes her sister’s sentiments. “We all know that rowing is a tough sport and can be extremely hard on your body, especially your back. But rowing – like all weight bearing exercise such as walking, tennis, golf and even dancing– does help strengthen your bones.

“So it’s great to be promoting a healthy lifestyle and associating ourselves with a cause where prevention is the key.”

Education is the major weapon in helping to prevent osteoporosis Julia Gallagher says.

“We are enormously grateful to Caroline and Georgina for their support. ONZ is charged with raising awareness of the disease and having the help of such a high profile duo is a huge boost.”

The new ambassadors will be active in their osteoporosis awareness activities mainly in September and October of each year to fit in with their training and competitive schedule.

Their charitable role involves public speaking and media engagements but they say they will be spreading the message of prevention wherever they go. Since their appointment in early October they have already been involved in fundraising activities also.

Osteoporosis NZ is the charity for this year’s Air New Zealand Fashion Week which falls in the same week as World Osteoporosis Day on October 20.

The announcement of the twin’s involvement with ONZ at the official opening dinner of Air New Zealand Fashion Week coincided with the news that the charity also has a new major sponsor.

Leading health food and supplement manufacturer Healtheries of New Zealand is joining with ONZ to embark on an education and fund-raising campaign.

Healtheries managing director Sarah Kennedy says the company is supporting ONZ because the disease affects many New Zealanders and is one on which Healtheries can have a positive impact.


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