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Association 'Women without Osteoporosis'

Bulgaria: Hot News on the Eve of World Osteoporosis Day 2004

On October 13, Wednesday, the Association “Women without Osteoporosis” (WWO) was invited by the Ministry of Health (MH) to participate in a press conference on the occasion of WOD’04. The event was included in the schedule of the regular press conferences of the Ministry, which are carried out every Wednesday at eleven o’clock and are the main source of health information in media space of the country.

Press conference in the Ministry of Health. From left to the right: Dr. Masha Gavrailova, MD – head of department “Prophylaxis of the diseases and health promotion” at MH, Assoc. Prof. Philip Kumanov – endocrinologist, expert to the organized by the Association Public Center “Life without Osteoporosis” and Ms Maya Gesheva – executive director of WWO

The subject of the press conference was “The World ‘Fight against Osteoporosis’ Day”. Participants: Dr. Masha Gavrailova, MD – head of the department “Prophylaxis of diseases and health promotion” at MH, Assoc. Prof. Philip Kumanov – endocrinologist, expert to the organized by the Association Public Center “Life without Osteoporosis” and Ms Maya Gesheva – executive director of WWO. Submitted were the first results on the Project “Osteoporosis at the working place”, based on the IOF report of 2002 and realized by MH jointly with the WWO. Reported were data from the already complete Project “Early notice of women at 50 for the risk of osteoporosis”, with which the WWO won the “IOF Lilly Osteoporosis Policy Grant” at the World Wide Conference of Osteoporosis Patient Societies- Istanbul’03. The theme “Osteoporosis in Men” was presented by Assoc. Prof. Philip Kumanov, directed to the care for the bone health in men. The event received a wide media attention, including direct inclusion on the program “Horizon” of BNR.

At the same time – on October 13 at eleven o’clock - the Association WWO was invited as guest to the regular press conference of Hygiene Epidemiological Inspectorate (HEI) in the town of Plovdiv– the second largest city in Bulgaria. The World Day of fight against osteoporosis was presented by Ms Engiljan, MD – director of HEI-Plovdiv, and details about its organization in the town were reported by Dr. Simeon Pavlov, MD – head of section “Prophylaxis of the diseases and health promotion” at HEI. Dr. Ivan Goranov, MD – rheumatologist and Ms Aya Lilova – deputy chairwoman of WWO also took part in the press conference. Ms Lilova informed the media that WWO – in response to the call of the health authorities and representatives of the Parliament – officially undertakes the engagement for accurate payment of the health installments on the part of the members of WWO (not long ago, the Health-Insurance Fund announced a lack of means for reimbursement of the medicines because of problem with the payment of the health installments).

Poster “Symbol”, issued in Bulgarian was distributed in Sofia and another 28 towns in Bulgaria

In connection with WOD’04, in the beginning of October, the Association published in Bulgarian the posters of IOF “Annual 50+guy check up” and “Poster symbol”, translated in Bulgarian the One-Minute video clip of Prof. Ego Seaman and issued a special copy of newspaper “Osteoporosis” devoted to osteoporosis in men. These materials were sent to 24 towns in the country supporting the organization and preparation of WOD-04.

Minutes before the beginning “Meet the expert” session during the Third National Exhibition “Life without osteoporosis”

A main event in connection with noting WOD’04 in the country is the Third National Exhibition of foods, food additives, auxiliary and measurement means for prophylaxis and treatment of osteoporosis under the title “Life without osteoporosis”, which is traditionally organized by WWO in the National Center of Hygiene, Medical Ecology and Nutrition. The present exhibition is under the patronage of MH organized simultaneously in the towns of Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Stara Zagora and Shoumen. The visitors can be acquainted there with different products for healthy nutrition and check their bone density. At the official launch in Sofia were present many citizens, health specialists, students. The event was reflected by the central media: program “Horizon” of BNR made a direct inclusion, BTA transmitted also information about. WWO issued a poster and catalogue of the exhibition.
At the official launch an honorary diploma was handed to the journalist of BNR Ms Plamena Bachijska for the tolerant attitude in her transmissions to the patients of osteoporosis. She was announced as “Ambassador of good will” at the Public Center “Life without osteoporosis”.

Another exhibition – “The Movement against osteoporosis worldwide”, is going along with the Third National Exhibition “Life without osteoporosis”, presenting the activities of IOF societies on the occasion of WOD. During its official launch, on October 18, in the National Center of Hygiene, Medical Ecology and Nutrition, it was characterized by the visitors as an “unique kaleidoscope of the civil initiative for limitation of osteoporosis worldwide”. The exhibition is devoted to WOD’04 and will be opened till October 23, 2004.

In connection with the official noting of WOD’04 the Campaign“Life without osteoporosis” of the Public Center started as well. It is organized by WWO for determination of the personal risk for osteoporosis in men and screening of the bone density.

During the exhibition “Life without osteoporosis” (October 18-23) are offered special reductions for examination of the bone density to the men-visitors of the exhibition.

On the eve of WOD’04 was noted the 5th anniversary of the newspaper “Osteoporosis” – monthly manual for patients, where the events in the field of osteoporosis and information about the activities of IOF are published. The newspaper is followed by a series of specialists on osteoporosis in the country.

Wait for the next news about noting WOD’04 in the towns of Plovdiv, Varna, Stara Zagora and Shoumen.


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