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The Society of Life with Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis meeting held in Ankara's biggest shopping mall

On 20 October 2004 a public meeting was held at Sanatolia Theatre in the biggest shopping mall in Ankara .

800 people gathered for the meeting which presented "The Society of Life with Osteoporosis" and "International Osteoporosis Foundation" and was followed by a conference on osteoporosis. Free bone mineral testing was done and a risk factor questionnaire was given to the participants. Some of IOF's slides were translated into Turkish and were used during the presentation. The press was invited to the meeting and the event was shown on a TV channel. The announcement of the meeting was made by means of brochures, billboards, and radio broadcasts.

Also, the Municipality of Ankara contributed to the meeting. The posters of the meeting were displayed on public buses. A one hour interview on the program "A Subject And A Guest" was aired on a TV Channel B".The interview was with the General Secretary of SLO, Dr.Sabire Akin.


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