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Endocrinology and Metabolism Research Center

First international seminar on prevention, diagnosis treatment of osteoporosis
September 23-24, 2004

1200 professionals, nurses and midwifery participated in this seminar.

At the onset Professor Larijani the seminar chairman and Director of EMRC extended a warm welcome to distinguished professionals and participants. Professor Larijani stated that osteoporosis as an important public health problem in the world esp., in Asia. He also pointed out the importance of prevention and case finding for this disease.He hoped to relieve osteoporotic patients' pain and diminish the burden of this crippling disease through a systematic and multi-organ collaboration program with a special focus on prevention as before and widespread prevention, early diagnosis and appropriate facilities for all.

Dr. M.E Akbari Deputy Minister of Ministry of Health and Medical Education noted that osteoporosis is one of the most far spread and most expensive diseases in Iran.He pointed to the young population of Iran and focused on prevention as the most important policy.’ Altering some of our incorrect nutritional habits is the first step of prevention' he said.

Dr. Zafarghandi, Dean of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, reminded of the 67th anniversary of Tehran University and noted the importance of multifocal organization to combat this hidden, debilitative disease.
Professor Pierre DELMAS the President of IOF and president of seminar explained about IOF as a non-governmental organization representing a global alliance of patient, medical and research societies, scientists and healthcare professionals.
He reminded of some IOF's vision, missions and goals like expanding IOF partnership with organizations working on similar or complementary issues and projects. He also honoured EMRC activities and its dedication to liberating the Iranian population from a disease that deprives people of enjoyment of life and independence.

Professor Ghassan Maalouf, IOF Middle East representative, admired EMRC's efforts in different aspects especially in increasing people's awareness by establishing a 24hour hotline for giving information on osteoporosis to people.

He noted that the EMRC is the only centre in the region which has begun to compile information for the Middle East fracture registry which is being developed with the WHO.

Guest lectures from IOF
Prof. P ierre DELMAS President of IOF and the president of Seminar

Prof.Jean philippe Bonjour

Prof. John. A.Kanis

Prof.Rene Rizzoli, Head of IOF's Committee of Scientific Advisors

Prof. Ghasan Maalouf, IOF Board Member and Middle East Representative

Prof.Larijani opened the plenary lectures with the lecture called ''Osteoporosis in Iran''. He compared Iranian osteoporosis major&minor risk factors, complications, prevalence and incidence with other countries.
Prof. Delmas' presented
‘‘Bone Marker''&''Bisphosphonate and Anabolic Agents''. He explained’ that Bone markers can be used to predict the rate of bone loss in postmenopausal women. Three independent studies have shown that high bone turnover is associated with increased bone loss over 4 to 15 years in women 50 to 70 years of age'.
He pointed out antiresorptive agents can reduce bone resorption.Prof. Bonjour made two presentations about' Peak bone mass'&'New insight in disturbances of phosphate homeostasis and bone mineralization'.

Prof.Rizzoli’s presentation was about ''Pathogenesis of osteoporosis''. After menopause, sex hormone deficiency is associated with remodeling rate and negative bone balance, leading to accelerated bone loss and micro- architectural defects, resulting into increased bone fragility.'

Prof.Kanis lecture was about' Fracture risk assessment
He mentioned hip fracture prediction with BMD alone is at least as good as blood pressure readings to predict stroke.Like blood pressure tests,the test has high specifity, but its sensitivity(detection rate) for fracture outcomes low over most reasonable assumption.

Prof.Maalouf article on' The spinal Curvature Irregularity Index (SCII) was so interesting.
Irregularity is measured at each pair of adjacent vertebrae and expressed as the SCII for the entire thoracolumbar spine.It provides a valuable measure to identify women with vertebral fractures.

During two days of seminar the other lectures were made by many distinguished scientists from Iran or other countries. During the seminar there was an Exhibition and poster sessions. Iranian scientists.
also successfully presented many facts and news about bone loss and osteoporosis.

Two practical workshops, Diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis Bone Densitometry' were successfully performed by Iranian Doctors.
Five workshops were made in nursing midwifery group too.

Seminar Organizers
Endocrinology and Metabolism Research Centre
Tehran University of Medical Sciences
Iranian Osteoporosis Society
Iranian Osteoporosis Research Network
Ministry of Health and Medical Education
Mediterranean Society for Osteoporosis and other skeletal disease
Related Scientific Societies

Note: This report was submitted to IOF by Dr. Eghbal Taheri Head of International Affairs EMRC


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