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Macedonian Osteoporosis Foundation

Activities of the association during last quartal in 2004

Working in i very difficult conditions of transition, more than 4 years, Macedonian Osteoporosis Association continuous with group education concerning osteoporosis, its prevention, diagnose and costs, all over the country. Our country is small (2 000 000 people). Women over 50 are 300.000. We are working very hard and organizing education lectures for patients. Every moment is used for education of medical staff too.
Last tree months more than 10 lectures we hold for patients, and 4 workshops for medical doctors. Lectures for Albanian population were simultaneous translated at the beginning, and after that, we have translated them, and now they are on overhead. Albanian member of our association is reading and medical doctor is present to answer the questions. Markovic Temelkova in charge for education of medical doctors and medical doctors, members of Macedonian Osteoporosis Association, are holding lectures trough the country.
We have used those lecture to promote the brochure which is the translation of Dutch Osteoporosis Association, done during the twin project of both associations under the auspice of IOF.

Some of our activities:

1. Workshop for medical doctors on Congress of endocrinology and metabolic disorders in Ohrid (october 2004)

2. Workshop for medical doctors in Medical Centre Tetovo and Strumica

3. Promotion of the brochure in Stip and lecture for patients in restaurant in Makedonska Kamenica.

4. Lecture for Albanian patients in school in Radolista


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