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Indonesian Healthy Bone Foundation (PERWATUSI)

PERWATUSI'S Activities in 2004 - National Osteoporosis Day campaign initiated by Minister of Health

PERWATUSI is very determined to spread information and to increase awareness & understanding about osteoporosis to the public at large. Since its inception, PERWATUSI has always been supported by PEROSI, the Indonesia Osteoporosis Association. Currently PERWATUSI has 5 branches and more than 20 Clubs throughout Indonesia attached to it.

Activities in 2004

September October 2004
Participated in various programs to celebrate 2004 National Osteoporosis Day set up by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia. The programs which were participated by PERWATUSI include:

-Initiation of National Osteoporosis Day campaign by the Minister of health
-Various TV Programs

The highlight of the celebration:
- press Conference by the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, accompanied by representatives from PEROSI, PERWATUSI, osteoporosis tutors, public, medical society and celebrities to convey the Indonesian main theme of 2004 National Osteoporosis Day: Healthy Bone makes Healthy Life. The Minister emphasized the need to spread the information about osteoporosis: how to prevent, cure and rehabilitate patients.

- Video documentation showing of 2003 National Osteoporosis Day
- Distribution of Stickers and Osteopack to public, provided by sponsors.

In addition to the above mentioned programs, there were other important activities like:
-Distribution of Info Kits to public and medical societies by sponsors
-Celebrity programs
-Media Fieldtrip
-Writing and feature context
-Photo Contest
-Radio Talkshow


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