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Osteoporosis Canada

Far-reaching osteoporosis strategy
announced in Ontario

From left to right are: Karen Ormerod, Society President & CEO; Dr. Robert Buckman, osteoporosis patient and guest speaker at the event; Jane Pepino, Chairperson of the Ontario Women's Health Council; George Smitherman, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care and orthopeadic surgeon Dr. Earl Bogoch, a consultant with the Society's Scientific Advisory Council and guest speaker at the event.

At a February 22, 2005 breakfast event attended
by MPPs, health care professionals,
osteoporosis patients and civil servants, Ontario
Minister of Health and Long-Term Care
George Smitherman announced a provincial
Osteoporosis Strategy supported by a million
ongoing annual investment.
“It’s a great day for the more than half a
million Ontarians with osteoporosis and for
those at risk, who have been ignored for far
too long,” said Karen Ormerod, president and
CEO of the Osteoporosis Society of Canada.

The Strategy has five components:
* Helping prevent the onset of osteoporosis
by educating seniors and school children
about bone health
* Improving early diagnosis by ensuring the
appropriate use of bone density testing
* Integrating services to provide enhanced
treatment, including creation of a provincewide
fracture clinic program to improve diagnosis
and prevention of future fractures
*Tools to help practitioners use clinical practice
*More research to increase knowledge about

The Ontario Osteoporosis Strategy puts the
province at the forefront of osteoporosis care
and prevention – and perhaps will set an example
for other provincial governments across the country.


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