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The Israeli Foundation for Osteoporosis and Bone Diseases

Fragile project launched at star-studded event

FRAGILE is a project of decorated cups by celebrity woman to raise awareness about osteporosis.
Fragile as a symbol for our bones fragility.
The cups are symbolic of bones fragility resulting from osteoporosis and bone disease.
The big launching event of the project was organized in a very beautiful place on March 10, 2005 with full participation of all the big celebrities in Israel.
The event was covered in every single magazine and news paper, on TV news and TV shows and was a huge success.
The exhibit of the cups sparked a huge interest by the media and got report in the biggest newspapers, TV shows , TV news channel.
The exhibition of fragile project was a special activity for the world osteoporosis week by the IFOD.

Photos of some of the celebrities who participated at the launch:

Gilat Ankori, Actress

Gili Lampel, journalist

Gili Shemtov, TV reporter

Sharon Aylon, TV star

Tal Man, model


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