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Toscani demonstrates “great respect for the people”
Almost 7.000 visitors saw nudes of ostoporosis patients in Berlin

“We were deeply touched! Thank you!” – that was the reaction of a visitor of the exhibition “Osteoporosis – A photographic Vision by Oliviero Toscani”, which was shown in May and June in Germany on the initiative of the German Green Cross (DGK) for the first time.

The patron of the exhibition, Federal Minister for Health Ulla Schmidt, opened it in Berlin at the “Umspannwerk Humboldt”. At the vernissage, which was presented by the two well-known German TV presenters Nina Ruge (ZDF, “Leute heute”) and Dr. med. Franziska Rubin (MDR, “Hauptsache Gesund”), Dr. Schmidt told the 250 guests that her mother also suffered from osteoporosis. “Therefore I am mindful of calcium rich nutrition and take exercise”, the minister emphasised.

Furthermore, the minister thanked everybody who contributed to the exhibition’s success: the DGK as initiator, the dedicated artist Oliviero Toscani as well as the patients who were photographed by him.

Some of them visited the opening ceremony and attested Toscani great empathy. The star-photographer said, he considers his 2,80 meters high totems a historic image of human life and called the portrayed “generous”, since they will help others through their dedication.

In the following four weeks, almost 7.000 people saw the exhibition: medically interested people and art lovers – strikingly many young people from both groups. Numerous visitors wrote down their spontaneous impressions into the visitor’s book. The “courage of the portrayed”, to pose nude, was admired consistently. At the same time it was accented: “The photos communicate great respect for those people who allow us to peek into their lives for a moment and who show themselves in all their vulnerability”.

Also the media were very interested in the exhibition. The total circulation of the newspapers and magazines which reported exceeded 10 million. Outstanding: the 13 page long report in the “Stern” and a full page in the “Bild”. Several million viewers were reached by 11 television programmes. Amongst others, “Brisant” and “Titel, Thesen, Temperamente” broadcast in the ARD and “Aspekte” and “Frontal 21” in the ZDF. In addition to that, there were numerous reports on the radio and the Internet.

The DGK thanks all journalists who contributed to the improvement of the patients’ situation.

Due to the great success in Berlin, the German Green Cross intends to show Toscani’s nudes also in Cologne and Munich. Subsequent to Munich the exhibition will travel to Buenos Aires and further South American cities. The exhibition, which was conceived by the DGK and shown in co-operation with the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF), was presented at the Museo Pigorini in Rome at the World Osteoporosis Day on October 20th, 2001 for the first time. After its launch, the exhibition was shown in Lisbon, Seville, Madrid, Barcelona, Brussels, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki and Copenhagen.

In Germany the DGK also calls attention to the fate of children suffering from osteoporosis. They are reliant on wheelchairs very quickly. The research program of the Universitäts-Kinderklink Köln “Stand up” promises help. The target: Out of the wheelchair! It aims at rebuilding the young study participants’ musculature. The results of that study will also be of great interest to adult osteoporosis patients.

The DGK supports that research project. Therefore a box for contributions was set up at the venue “Umspannwerk Humboldt”. The money which was collected there and the gains from the catalogue sale will be transferred to 100 percent to the special account of the Uni-Kinderklinik in Köln:

Financial institution: Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
Sort code: 370 205 00
Account number: 815 00 00
Reason for transfer: 360 / 1448 / 41
Key word:“Auf die Beine”

Donations to that account are still appreciated!

The catalogue at the price of 5 Euros (packing extra) can be ordered at:

Nikolaistraße 3
35037 Marburg
Telephone: 0 64 21 / 2 93 – 3 23
Fax: 0 64 21 / 2 93 – 1 70
Further information: and.

The DGK thanks the company MSD, which agreed to double the amount that was donated at Berlin.


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