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Osteoporosis Canada

First national TV awareness campaign

The Osteoporosis Canada has launched its first national TV awareness campaign. The two bilingual, 15-second ads are designed to increase public awareness of osteoporosis and to encourage people to visit our Web site for more information. The ads will run for eight weeks, beginning in late September and continuing through to late November – Osteoporosis Month.

The spots can be viewed on the OSC website

Aimed at women over 50, the television spots will run on both national and specialty channels (such as Global, CBC, CTV, Life, HGTV) in 34 markets across the country. The roughly 200 spots are estimated to be seen 15 million times. In addition to paid media time, the two spots will also be distributed by Osteoporosis Canada as public service announcements (PSAs) and our volunteers and staff across the country will encourage their local TV stations to air the ads as much as possible.

“We hope that the ads will get people’s attention,” says Karen Ormerod, President and CEO of Osteoporosis Canada. “We want them to realize that osteoporosis is something that can affect them, and then encourage them to contact Osteoporosis Canada for the information they need to reduce their risk of developing the disease and suffering the debilitating fractures it can cause.”

The two ads, titled “Bone China” and “Nutcracker,” symbolize the fracturing of bone through the cracking of a teacup and the cracking of walnuts. (They are not meant to portray the literal fracturing of bones of people with osteoporosis.)


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