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Association 'Women without Osteoporosis'

Escape from Osteoporosis - National Osteoporosis Campaign starts in Bulgaria for WOD 2005

The "starting signal" was sounded on October 13, by Dr. Atanas Dodov, MD, Deputy Minister of Health; Prof. Lydia Koeva, Head of the Scientific Council of Association “Women without Osteoporosis”; Sevdalina Vassileva, marketing manager of the United Milk Company; representatives of the Ministry of Health and the Association.

They “ran” the first meters on the “running path” installed in front of the Ministry building. Some passers-by also joined in.
“The running path”, with which started on October 13 with the National Campaign and the charity week (October 13-20), travelled through Bulgaria. October 20–WOD, saw the final event in front of the National Palace of Culture.

The organizers of the National Campaign which culminates on October 20 are: Ministry of Health, State Agency of the Youth and Sport, the Association “Women without Osteoporosis”, BIBA and United Milk Company. The campaign is under the patronage of President’s wife Mrs. Zorka Parvanova.

The exercises are part of a healthy lifestyle and one of the main ways to build strong bones to avoid osteoporosis, underlined at the press conference held on October 13.

This year, WOD is devoted to the importance of the exercises for prophylaxis of osteoporosis, that’s why the appeal is “Move it or lose it”, announced Prof. Lydia Koeva.

She underlined that it is very important not only to speak about the medicines – how many and how to accept them – in case of fractures available, but above all how to protect ourselves from osteoporosis in the most natural way. We must more move - walking, running, going upstairs, making exercises, dancing, called Prof. Koeva.

Prof. Koeva emphasized that the bone and the motion are inextricably bound, because the muscle strength helps the building up of strong bones in children, while in adults the risk of fall and injury decreases. She particularly called on children and the young people to exercise more. In addition, more than 60 000 Bulgarian women carried out the One-minute Risk Test for osteoporosis, added Prof. Koeva.

From October 20 to October 22, for 4th time, the Association “Women without Osteoporosis” organized the exhibiiton “Life without osteoporosis”. It will be shown in Sofia City, at the National Center for protection of the public health (the former Center of Hygiene); in Plovdiv and Varna.

During the charity week, for every 100 meters run on the path, the “Vereia” will grant by 1 BGL in a special account for purchase of a device for measurement of bone density, announced Sevdalina Vassileva, marketing manager of the United Milk Company.

In another development to fight osteoporosis, the National Program for Limitation of Osteoporosis in the Republic of Bulgaria for the period 2006 – 2010, is to be considered by the MH leadership and submitted for to the Council of Ministers approval, announced Dr. Dodov.

The strategic aim of the new National Program is to limit the morbidity of osteoporosis, the appearance and progression of osteoporotic fractures, and related disability and mortality, as well improve the quality of life for people with osteoporosis fractures.


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