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Deutsche Gesellschaft für Osteologie

Osteoporosis talk in a diplomatic setting, lecture at the University of Tiflis, Georgia.

“Osteoporosis is a global disease, that needs close international cooperation” stated Professor Heinrich Resch. Prof. Resch is head of the Second Medical Department, Hospital of the Merciful Sisters, Vienna, president of the German Society of Osteology (DGO) (an IOF member society) and board member of the Osteoporosis self-help group, Vienna.

Prof. Resch's talk was held to commemorate World Osteoporosis Day at an official reception held by Sandra Roeloft Saakashvili, wife of the president of Georgia. The reception was attended by the wives of high-level diplomats and representatives from the state of Georgia. In addition a lecture was given at the Medical Department of the University of Tiflis about the latest scientific advances in the field of osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is the third most common disease in Europe. Fractures caused by osteoporosis result in suffering, limitations of mobility and european wide costs of about 3,5 billion Euro. Yet only 1 of 10 patients in Europe receives adequate treatment. The reasons are the poor public knowledge about the disease, and the fact that osteoporosis does not show significant symptoms that would lead patients to their doctors - until a fracture occurs.

In his talk Prof. Resch called for a global change in attitude towards the prevention of the disease and european-wide cooperation in the treatment of the “silent bone thief” osteoporosis.

Prof.Resch together with Sandra Roeloft Saakashvili, the wife of the president of Georgia and Exc. Fabricio Romano, Italian Ambassador with Nancy his wife

The American Ambassador and the Georgian Minister of Economics


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