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Beinvernd – The Icelandic Osteoporosis Foundation

“Osteoporosis Concerns Us All!” wins award for Beinvernd-Icelandic Osteoporosis Society

Beinvernd, or the Icelandic Osteoporosis Society, was awarded an IOF-AMGEN Health Professionals Awareness Grant valued at USD 10,000. The award was presented at the IOF World Wide Conference of Osteoporosis Patient Societies in Bangkok, Thailand on September 30, 2005. The award-winning project, called “Osteoporosis Concerns Us All!”, focuses on improving knowledge of osteoporosis among health professionals working in the nation’s primary health care centers. A successful pilot project has shown that this is direct way to reach both physicians and allied health professionals such as nurses, physiotherapists and dietitians. Beinvernd experts will hold seminars on osteoporosis at the clinics – covering topics such as diagnosis, treatment, patient care and education. The centers will receive educational slides on CD and printed material as well as booklets to distribute to patients who visit the clinics. To ensure long-term effectiveness of the educational campaign, BEINVERND will seek to establish a national network of contact persons in every health care region of the country to promote preventive measures and to ensure continued communication on osteoporosis-related subjects. Communication will be supported by a special website within the BEINVERND website


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