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Macedonian Osteoporosis Foundation

Round table held to raise awareness about osteoporosis

In honor of World Osteoporosis Day 2005, the Macedonian Osteoporosis Association organized a round table with two important themes. The first was conquering osteoporosis through prevention and the second was the role of the MOA in society. Several people were in attendance at the round table, such as a female member of Parliament, two popular singers, a former professional swimmer with osteoporosis and several media representatives. It was an important step for the organization to attract attention from Parliament in regards to future policy on the fight against osteoporosis.
In addition, a recent donation of two ultrasound units from the pharmaceutical firm Hoffman La Roche was promoted at the conference by measuring the bone mass of all members of the round table. The round table proved to be very successful in raising awareness about osteoporosis and the MOA.


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