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Indonesian Healthy Bone Foundation (PERWATUSI)

PERWATUSI active in 2005, promote osteoporosis awareness in many ways

In 2005, PERWATUSI concentrated on promoting policy changes and also focused on spreading the message about osteoporosis prevention. Their various events raised awareness about osteoporosis in Indonesia and helped to educate the population.
POLICY: PERWATUSI, in cooperation with PEROSI, developed an informative document about the three-year program to invite sponsors to aid the fight against osteoporosis in Indonesia. Additionally, PERWATUSI created a Women Leaders Roundtable with nine prominent women members from various fields and six PERWATUSI members. This group will work towards encouraging the government to consider osteoporosis as a top health priority.
EDUCATION: PERWATUSI’s Outreach Education in 2005 consisted of three training sessions designed to educate tutors or instructors on osteoporosis and many related issues. These were well-attended and beneficial to those involved.
WOD 2005: World Osteoporosis Day in Indonesia was marked by several informative events in September 2005. First was the opening of the campaign in a busy plaza in the center of the city, led by the Minister of Health. PERWATUSI took part in the Bone Fair, where they were able to distribute information about osteoporosis. There were also several activities conducted with the Ministry of Health and PEROSI. The peak celebration for the day took place on October 20th at the State Palace with the President and the First Lady.
A public seminar was held on September 17th in cooperation with PEROSI that attracted 300 participants with the topic “Early Awareness to Prevent Osteoporosis, to Create a Healthy Bone Society.” It was a very informative seminar with many different aspect of osteoporosis under discussion.


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