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Slovene Osteoporosis Patient Society

"The Right Food for Healthy Bones" encourages osteoporosis prevention in Slovenia

As part of their six year campaign “Osteoporosis-What we can do by ourselves,” the Slovene Osteoporosis Patient Society (ZDBO) initiated an exciting and important project called “The Right Food for Healthy Bones” in 2005. This project focuses on how individuals can prevent osteoporosis through good nutrition, especially with such valuable nutrients as calcium and vitamin D. Part of this project is to target the younger population to encourage them to take preventive steps with nutrition from a young age. In order to spread this message, the ZDBO used posters, brochures and journals, and also created a videocassette and recipe booklet. This project spans several months and will involve lectures and teaching workshops to educate people about the role of nutrition in the fight against osteoporosis.


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