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Belgian Association for Osteoporosis Patients

Media campaign emphasizes the 'Move it or Lose it' theme of World Osteoporosis Day

The theme ‘Move it or Lose it’ was the focus of the Belgian media campaign for World Osteoporosis Day 2005. With the support of WOD patron Sabine Appelmans, (former world class tennis player), the Belgian Association of Osteoporosis Patients, hand in hand with the Belgian Bone Club, issued press notices and gave interviews on radio, TV and print media.

Dr. Christiane Pouliart of the Belgian Association for Osteoporosis Patients, appearing on radio and major news stations,underlined the benefits of exercise. She noted that tai-chi in particular is beneficial in the elderly. “European studies have shown that women over 80 years of age who practice 15 minutes of tai-chi two times a day reduce their risk of fracture by half."

Articles also appeared in the French, Flemish and German press and on health-related websites. In Belgium it is estimated that some 600,000 women are affected by osteoporosis in Belgium.


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