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Polish Osteoarthrology Society

Osteoporosis Congresses in Krakow

Congresses on osteoporosis are organised in Krakow every other year by the Polish Osteoarthrology Society and the Polish Foundation of Osteoporosis. The XI Congress of PTOA PFO was held 27-29.09.2001 under the auspices of IOF. The President of Republic of Poland Mr. Aleksander Kwasniewski kindly accepted the Honoured Patronage of the congress which was attended by 750 physicians from around the world. The programme was of a very high scientific level, focusing on epidemiology, pathophysiology, imaging diagnosis, treatment and problem of fractures in osteoporosis as well as themes in osteoarthrology: cartilage and synovial fluid patophysiology and the use of tissue engineering in the treatment of OA. Summaries of all presentations in Polish were printed in the "Abstracts Book" while the English version was published in "Osteoporosis International" (Vol.12. Suppl.1. 2001).

The Juliusz Slowacki Theatre in Krakow Opening Ceremony venue.

Opening Ceremony. From the left: Prof. E. Czerwinski Chairman of the Organizing Committee, President of the Polish Osteoarthrology Soiety, Prof. P. Burckhardt, IOF Board Member, Prof. J. Badurski, President of the Polish Foundation of Osteoporosis.

Congress Audience


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