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Palestinian Osteoporosis Prevention Society

The POPSI School Milk Program

POPS' major activity this year is known as 'The POPSI School Milk Program'.

A POPS nutritionist has been visiting children in schools in the Bethlehem district. This is a pilot project that will be re-evaluated after six months with a possibility to extend the project to other districts in Palestine based on its success. The nutritionist spends 1:30-2:00 hours in each school and delivers the following education material to teachers and children:

- Flyers on the importance of milk intake for children entitled 'Popsi flyer'

- Brochures on the importance of milk, for the whole family, to be taken home.

- Brochures on 'milk and pregnancy' and 'calcium-rich recipes' are given to teachers for parents who are interested.

- A 'Popsi poster' is hung up in each classroom.

- An impact paper 'Popsi mission' is distributed and completed by each child and collected one week later for the nutritionist to evaluate. It assesses their milk intake on a 'prior to visit' and 'post visit' basis.

- A talk is given by the nutritionist on the importance of calcium intake during childhood.

- The 'Popsi song' and 'Posi video cartoon' are then shown to the children.

PDFs of the brochures and recipe book in Arabic are available on request. Also see the Bone Education Resource Center.


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