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Palestinian Osteoporosis Prevention Society

World Osteoporosis Day 2002 in Palestine

Despite the prevailing and life threatening political conditions in Palestine which entail closures, curfews, shelling and siege imposed on the territories, POPS will celebrate WOD 2002 as it used to do every year and even with greater presence throughout Palestine.

POPS is planning a "One Minute Test" Campaign for one week starting on October 20, 2002. Three hundred volunteer field workers from the Union of Palestine Relief (UPMR), the largest and widely spread primary health care organization in the country, will complete the carbon-copy questionnaires for around 50000 women from all parts of the Palestinian territories including the Gaza strip. One copy will be given to the women and one will be kept by the POPS office for statistical analysis. All volunteer field workers will wear a uniform (sweat shirts and caps) while filling in the risk test in major city streets, villages as well as rural areas.The campaign will be announced in national and local media, two weeks before the beginning of the campaign .

The local partners in the campaign are the UPMRC and Vitamilk.

Statistical analysis of the campaign will be conducted later upon raising funds for it.


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