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Osteoporosis Patient Society of Turkey

Osteoporosis Patient Society of Turkey's grand events for World Osteoporosis Day

World Osteoporosis Day events began on October 18, 2002 with a lunch and press conference with journalists which will be attended by the society's new Honorary President, Filiz Akin, a famous Turkish actress. Together with the President, and the Board, members of the Society talked about the importance of WOD 2002, and all activities/

This was followed by a high-profile coctail and private theater show at the Hotel Armada at which the
Honorary President’s guests, including leading business leaders,actresses and actors, attended. Guests included Yýldýz Kenter, one of Turkey's most famous artists.A theatre presentation "About Life" was held at the Kenter Theatre.

From left: the Osteoporosis Patient Society's Honorary President Filiz Akin; President of the Society, Gulseren Akyuz; Social Committee Chairwoman, Fidan Cetin.

On Saturday, October 19, 2002 a panel discussion with Filiz Akin, the Honorary President; Gulseren Akyuz, the President; the representative member of the Government, the Major of Istanbul was held.

The panel discussed the importance of osteoporosis in the world and in Turkey.This was followed by an evening of dinner and music at the Hotel Armada

On Sunday October 20, 2002 a brunch was held with guests being the famous writers Murathan Mungan and Buket Uzuner. The topic was healthy aging, quality of life, and our bones.
In the afternoon an "Osteoforum" was held where patients with osteoporosis and doctors discuss the outcomes of the disease. A famous speaker hosted this meeting, and the media was invited to attend. 16:00 – 18:00

An opening Buffet and concert by well-known singer Zuhal Olcay followed at the Hotel Armada


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