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Osteoporosis Australia

World Osteoporosis Day - Australia

Federal Health Minister - Kay Patterson Launches World Osteoporosis Day on Oct 17

Barbara Holborow (former Childrens Court Judge), Maxine McKew (Patron and member of the IOF Roundtable), Senator Kay Patterson (Health Minister), and Mal Meninga (former national football captain)

Osteoporosis Australia (OA) marked World Osteoporosis Day with a ‘Calcium Breakfast’ at Federal Parliament House Canberra. The event was hosted by Maxine McKew (Patron and member of the IOF Roundtable) and speakers included OA ambassadors Mal Meninga (former national football captain) and Barbara Holborow (former Childrens Court Judge). The Health Minister, Senator Kay Patterson also attended the event and announced osteoporosis as the 7th National Health Priority under the title ‘Arthritis & Musckuloskeletal Diseases’. Prof Philip Sambrook (OA Medical Director) thanked the minister for the important announcement and other members of parliament attended the launch. Guests at the event were treated to ‘calcium rich’ food and milk shots!

Osteoporosis Australia supplied ‘Bone Pins’ for all guests to wear at the launch. In the week leading up to the launch these pins were mailed to all members of parliament and attached to a card titled “Show some Spine”. The card explained the event and asked the receiver of the pin to wear it as a show of support for our important cause. The pins were very popular and were also distributed to state offices for use at local based WOD events and seminars. Many states hosted functions which state health ministers attended and they were presented with a copy of the ‘Call to Action’. The IOF WOD poster was used at the launch and also distributed to state offices to use at local functions and mail on the health care facilities.

Senator Kay Patterson (National Health Minister), Mal Meninga (Former National Football Captain), Barbara Holborow (Ambassador and former Childrens Court Judge)

All media received copies of the ‘Call to Action’ signed by members of the IOF Roundtable and the launch received good media coverage in print, radio and television. OA will include photos and information about the day in our forthcoming issue of the national magazine.

Maxine McKew (Patron and member of the IOF Roundtable), Philip Sambrook (OA Medical Director), Judy Stenmark (OA Chief Executive Officer), Barbara Holborow (Ambassador and former Childrens Court Judge)


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