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The Israeli Foundation for Osteoporosis and Bone Diseases

IFOB launches First Woman Leaders' Panel on the occasion of WOD 2002

The ambassador of Columbia David DeLarosa and Irit Inbar of the IFOB at a fundraising event carried out in partnership with the BPW Israel.

Parliament member Nehama Ronen holds the signed petition of 7 women leaders

The panel of women leaders at the WOD event led by the former president of Israel Reuma Weizman

As a symbol of the fight against osteoporosis these women, attending the WOD event, hold an x-ray of the forarm. Fractures of the wrist are common among osteoporotic patients.

The Isreali Foundation for Osteoporosis and Bone Diseases began its WOD activities when its volunteers participated in an embracing "woman go far" walk on October 10th at which "Are you at risk" questionnaires were distributed. This was followed by a successful and elegant fundraising event in partnership with the Business and Professional Women's Association on October 14th. Distinguished guests included Ambassador David de la Rosa of Colombia and his wife, The Mayor of the City of Herzelia, Ms. Yael German, and Prof. Uri Liberman, IOF Board Member, who gave a very interesting lecture about osteoporosis. The event was attended by Ms. Irit Inbar, president of the IFOB and Dr. Hana Elroy, President Director of BPW, Tel Aviv.

The highlight of the WOD campaign was the launch of the First Women Leaders' panel on October 23rd- an occasion which called upon policymakers to increase the reimbursement for bone density testing and treatment of osteoporosis for those under 65. The event's patron was the wife of the former president of Israel, Mrs. Reuma Weitzman and the seven women panelists included parliamentarians and prominant women's advocates. Parliamentarian Nehama Ronen spoke about the public pressure to allocate additional resources to the health basket and new parliament member, Orit Noked spoke about her experience as an osteoporosis patient. Ronit Lev-Ari who represents the prime minister's office as councellor for women's rights highlighted the need to provide better access to diagnosis and treatment. Dina Han, vice president of a woman's organization said "we have to struggle for people with osteoporosis before the first fracture". IFOB volunteer attorney, Eti Pilpel called on policymakers to give higher priority to investment in prevention and diagnosis. Dr. Niva Shapiro, a clinical nutritionist, emphasized the one time opportunity to affect bone development in young people by promoting consumption of the recommended amount of calcium.

The panel signed a petition presented to the government leaders and policymakers to make the diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis a priority on the public agenda and to increase reimbursement for diagnosis and treatment for those under the age of 65.
A huge banner skirted the panel table with the words
"If you invest in your bones, you'll prevent the first fracture".


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