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Are You a Corporation?
CCA Membership Benefits and Fees

A company that joins the IOF corporate membership program becomes a member of The Committee of Corporate Advisors (CCA).

The CCA represents the corporate community within IOF. Whether in the field of healthcare or consumer products, these companies help to fight osteoporosis with their research, products, and public awareness activities. The Chairman of CCA is an ex-officio member of the Board of IOF.

Each member company designates one person from their executive management to act as their representive on the Committee. This committee member receives all the communication and membership correspondence from IOF and also acts as a liaison with other members of his/her corporation regarding special projects and programs. He/she attends the biannual meetings of the CCA and can take part in the ad hoc working groups of the Committee.

Applications for membership are voted on biannually by the Committee.

Membership entitles a company to:

Organizations wishing to apply for corporate membership should be aware that the Committee of Corporate Advisors in no way influences the scientific recommendations or endorsements of the International Osteoporosis Foundation which are determined by evidence-based medicine.

When joining the CCA, members pay a one-time entry fee in addition to the annual membership fee. The yearly fee for the Committee of Corporate Advisors is 5'000 euros.

CCA Membership Fees

Company's Annual Sales One-time CCA Entry Fee Yearly Membership Fee
up to 50 million euros 6'000 euros 5'000 euros
50-500 million euros 12'000 euros 5'000 euros
over 500 million euros 24'000 euros 5'000 euros

For example, for a company with an annual sales of 25 million euros would pay 11'000 euros for their first year of membership (one-time fee of 6'000 plus the annual membership fee of 5'000) and 5'000 annually for the subsequent years of membership.

How to join the Committee of Corporate Advisors (CCA)

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