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Prof. Maalouf Appointed on BJD Steering Committee

Prof. Ghassan Maalouf, IOF Middle East Representative and Gen. Secretary of LOPS, has recently been honored by being appointed as a Member of the 13-member International Steering committee of the Bone and Joint Decade.

ghassan maalouf

The goal of the Bone and Joint Decade is to improve the health-related quality of life for people with musculo-skeletal disorders throughout the world. The initiative was instigated by a group of healthcare professionals who felt that the significant impact from bone and joint disorders on society, the healthcare system and the individual, needed to be addressed on a international level, with particular focus on the use of resources.


The idea began following the success of the Decade of the Brain (1990-2000), which served to raise awareness of the impact of brain disorder and led to significant scientific advances. An inaugural consensus meeting was held in Sweden in April 1998, which culminated in a proposal for the Decade of the Bone and Joint from 2000 to 2010 as well as the formation of the International Steering Group, consensus document and a plan of continued work.

Iran Holds its First International Seminar on Osteoporosis

Iran’s Endocrinology & Metabolism Research Center (EMRC) held their First International Seminar on the Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of Osteoporosis from 23-24 September 2004.


At the opening ceremony, Prof. Bagher Larijani, Chairman of the Seminar and Director of EMRC, extended a warm welcome to the distinguished professionals and participants. Prof. Larijani stressed the importance of osteoporosis as a significant global public health problem, especially in Asia. He also emphasized the value of prevention and early diagnosis of the disease. He went on to outline his hopes of relieving patients’ suffering and diminishing the burden of this crippling disease with a program of systematic collaboration with a special focus on prevention, early diagnosis and appropriate care facilities available for all.

Dr. M. E Akbari, Deputy Minister of Health and Medical Education, noted that osteoporosis is proving to be one of the costliest diseases in Iran. He called on the youth of Iran to focus on prevention as the most important policy, ‘Altering some of our incorrect nutritional habits is the first step towards prevention’, he said.

Dr. Zafarghandi, Dean of Tehran ’s University of Medical Sciences, reminded the audience that Teheran University was commemorating its 67th anniversary and emphasized the importance of making a combined effort to combat this hidden, debilitating disease.

Prof. Pierre Delmas, Pres.of the Seminar, explained IOF ’s role as a non-governmental organization representing a global alliance of patient, medical and research societies, scientists and healthcare professionals, and expressed his admiration for EMRC ’s dynamic approach to the fight against osteoporosis.


Prof.Ghassan Maalouf, IOF Middle East Representative, commended EMRC ’s efforts in various fields, especially in increasing public awareness by establishing a 24-hour hot line on osteoporosis. He noted, also, that the WHO is putting together a Middle East Fracture Registry and that, until now, the EMRC is the only center in the region that has started to compile data for this Registry.






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