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Third Pan Arab Osteoporosis Congress

The Third PAOS Congress took place in Tunis from September 7 to 9, 2005. Presentations covered a full range of topics including epidemiology, pathophysiology, genetics, diagnosis procedures, male osteoporosis, corticosteroid-induced osteoporosis, management and treatment strategies.

New PAOS Committee

A PAOS Committee Meeting was held in conjunction with the Congress and it was decided that:
- Dr. Abdul Rahim Suhaili (Emirates) would succeed Prof. Leith Zakraoui as President
- Dr. Elias Saba (Palestine) succeeds Dr. Basel Masri (Jordan) as General Secretary
- Prof. Ghassan Maalouf (Lebanon) will preside the Scientific Committee, consisting of the following members:  Dr. Riad Sulaimani (S. Arabia), Dr. Omar Hussein (Egypt), Prof. Leith Zakraoui (Tunisia) and Dr. Basel Masri (Jordan).

It was also agreed that another meeting, chaired by Dr. Wahid El Kharousi, would take place in Muscat, Oman, with the object of revising the by-laws of PAOS.

Finally, much appreciation was expressed for the valuable work carried out by Drs. Zakraoui and Masri over the past three years.

paos tunisFrom left to right. First row: Dr. Abdel Rahim Suhaili, Prof. Khaled El Muntasser, Dr. Gemma Adib, Prof. Ghassan Maalouf, Prof. Leith Zakraoui. Second row: Dr. Wahid El Kharoussi, Prof. Samir El Badawi,Dr. Basel Masri, Dr. Hikmat Abou Samra. Third row: Dr. Sami Salman, Dr. Elias Saba, Dr. Riad Sulaimani.


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