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Bone mineral density in beta-thalassemic Lebanese children

Authors: A. Yazigi, G. Maalouf, A. Inati-Khoriati, H. Tamim, C. Saab

Abstract: The authors measured the BMD of Lebanese beta-thalassemic children before institution of a balanced transfusion-chelation regimen, in comparison with that of healthy controls, and studied its correlation with various demographic and biological parameters. The article concludes that Lebanese beta-thalassemic children have a significantly lower BMD than their healthy counterparts, due, in part, to their slower physical development.

To read the full article, click here  (PDF, 68,2 KB)


Age-associated changes in quantitative ultrasonometry (QUS) of the os calcis in Lebanese women - assessment of a Lebanese reference population

Authors: J. Wehbe, C. Cortbaoui, R.M. Chidiac, A. Nehme, R. Melki, F. Bedran, P. Atallah, C. Cooper, P. Hadji, G. Maalouf

Abstract: This study is aimed to assess age changes in QUS in a large sample of Lebanese women to determine a Lebanese reference population. The study found that the age-related female, Lebanese reference curve was significantly different from the American and the European reference curves used by the manufacturer.

To read the full article, click here  (PDF,181 KB)


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