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Sarah Berrecket, Israel

Sarah is only 69 years old, yet she has a hunchback (Kyphosis) that results in severe back pain and prevents her from sitting for longer periods of time. Her appearance has changed considerably. She has lost 6 cm in height, has problems finding suitable clothing and can only wear sports shoes to prevent possible falls.

Osteoporosis is to blame.

Sarah Berrecket with daughter, Rivka Sarah Berrecket (right) with daughter, Rivka

With the onset of the menopause, Sarah began to take HRT, but she had to stop taking the hormones due to thrombosis. She began to suffer pain in her spine, but it was only in 1996 that she was referred to a metabolism clinic. After undergoing a bone scan to determine bone density, Sarah was diagnosed as suffering from severe osteoporosis and began to receive therapy (a bisphosphonate).

Sarah's daughter, Rivka aged 46, experienced early menopause at age 38.

Sarah and Rivka with Irit Inbar
Sarah and Rivka with Irit Inbar (middle), Executive Director of the Israeli Foundation for Osteoporosis and Bone Diseases

Rivka is not taking any chances – aware of her high risk for osteoporosis, she started a treatment of HRT and daily calcium supplementation. Rivka remains under medical supervision, undergoing bone density testing every 2 years. Knowing that early detection can make all the difference, Rivka is determined to take her bone health into her own hands.

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