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Renu Dhall, India

Renu Dhall, IndiaRenu Dhall, 56, is a former school teacher. Since the age of 40, Mrs. Dhall suffered extreme back pain. “I couldn’t stand, and I was in so much pain that I couldn’t even sit down without great discomfort” she recalls.

Mrs Dhall consulted several doctors, but none of them diagnosed her problem as osteoporosis. “They told me ‘back pain is common in women after multiple pregnancies,’ or ‘it’s related to your periods’, or ‘get your kidneys checked.’ The only common refrain I heard from the doctors was ‘take some pain killers and learn to live with it.’”

During the period that Mrs Dhall suffered without a diagnosis, her mother suffered multiple fractures and was confined to bed. Still, no one spoke to Mrs Dhall about osteoporosis.

Two years ago Mrs Dhall read in the Hindustan Times about a bone densitometry camp being organised by Osteoporosis Society of India. She got a bone densitometry test done and was diagnosed with osteoporosis and offered treatment. After spending years in agony, Mrs. Dhall got what she terms “a new lease on life”.

Since joining a local osteoporosis support group, she says “My outlook on life is much better.” Mrs Dhall exercises regularly and has learned guidelines to reduce the risk of fracture. Mrs Dhall feels so much better in fact, that she was able to return to teaching. Although unable to work her usual hours, Mrs Dhall finds happiness in teaching shorter periods at a more leisurely pace.

Her message to others is simple – “Do not put up with pain. Insist that your doctor test you for osteoporosis”.

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