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Patient Stories
Osteoporosis – the Human Cost

Carmen Sanchez

"There is indeed one thing I have learnt – that an accurate diagnosis, which is relatively simple, can save women from a lot of suffering, fractures and emotional damage."

Carmen Sanchez, osteoporosis patient from Spain, speaking at an IOF press conference held in Brussels

Here, osteoporosis patients from around the world tell their stories. These personal histories illustrate the human cost of osteoporosis, showing how osteoporosis progresses silently and, if not diagnosed early enough, can lead to painful and debilitating fractures. For many, everyday activities that are previously taken for granted become impossible and "quality of life" takes on a new meaning. Yet the stories also show that there is hope. Various forms of treatment are available to help halt progression of the disease. And, as shown in several case histories, early diagnosis made, or could have made, all the difference.

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Men with osteoporosis

Linda Eskin intends to keep on riding well into her old age:
letter from a reader

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