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Marie-Lynn Majdalany, Lebanon

"It happened to me when I never thought it would, so I would like to help others avoid it."

In my early 40s, I started to suffer from great pain all over my body. Until that time, my daily life had been very active, starting at 5:30 in the morning and ending late at night.

The pain changed my lifestyle entirely. I became very dependent on other people for walking or driving a car. A physician friend advised me to undergo a bone mineral density test. It revealed that I had osteoporosis. I began a long-term treatment programme of medication and physiotherapy. In 1997, I underwent a general hysterectomy and was prescribed a hormone therapy.

I became depressed and stopped physiotherapy. I did not want to go out any more since I was walking very slowly. Going up or down stairs was very painful and somehow humiliating.

One day, with the help of my physician, I decided to stop complaining and think positively and began to cooperate actively with the Lebanese Osteoporosis Prevention Society. I have made up my mind to help people avoid or delay this silent disease – and to encourage sufferers like myself to be as positive and active as they possibly can.

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