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Anne Wong, Hong Kong

Anne Wong, 64, had suffered from low back pain since her early sixties. Her chronic pain kept her from doing household work and curtailed her daily activities.

She recalls, “I was in so much pain when I stood or sat for a long period. It interfered with my life and I was depressed. Soon I found that my neck and shoulders were humped, but I thought that the back pain and bent back were common in old women, so I did not consult a doctor.”

Three years ago, Anne slipped on the bathroom floor during bathing and suffered a severe compression fracture of the spine. After being hospitalized for two weeks, she had a bone density test confirming that she had osteoporosis and low bone mineral density. Her physical therapist taught her stretching and strengthening exercises, and explained that these activities could rebuild a weak skeletal frame, improve postural symmetry, and also help to reduce falls. Anne decided to incorporate what she had learned into a serious exercise regimen. Now, she does stretching and strengthening exercises for one hour twice a week. She also practices Tai Chi for half an hour each morning.

Anne’s physician has found that she had no further reduction in height, and also had an increase in bone density with medication. Her back pain is gone. Her muscle strength has improved significantly and she has much better coordination. “I am aware of the importance of regular exercise,” says Anne. “I feel much stronger and happier. Now I have confidence in fighting osteoporosis.”

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