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November 8, 2002

Osteoporosis experts and leaders of the global osteoporosis movement from 17 countries were elected to the IOF board during elections held in September 2002.

At their first meeting, held November 5, 2002 in Barcelona, Spain, the 24-person board reelected Professor Pierre D. Delmas as president.

The board also reelected Professor Herbert Fleisch (Switzerland) as treasurer and Professor Jean-Yves Reginster (Belgium) as general secretary.

In addition, members of IOF's three committees voted for their chairpersons and vice-chairpersons, and based on those votes the board confirmed the election of the following people who become ex-officio members of the board:

  • Committee of Scientific Advisers:
    • Chairman: Professor René Rizzoli (Switzerland)
    • Vice-chairman: Professor Olof Johnell (Sweden)
  • Committee of National Societies:
    • Chairman: Professor Peter Burckhardt (Switzerland)
  • Committee of Corporate Advisers:
    • Chairman: Yannis Tsouderos (France)
    • Vice-chairman: Marcel Lechanteur (France)

The complete IOF board:

Silvano Adami (Italy)
Mary Anderson (UK) (honorary)
John Bilezikian (USA)
Peter Burckhardt (Switzerland) (ex-officio)
Juliet Compston (UK)
Steven Cummings (USA)
Pierre Delmas (France)
Linda Edwards (UK)
Joyce Gordon (Canada)
Herbert Fleisch (Switzerland)
John Kanis (UK)
Edith Lau (Hong Kong)
Rubem Lederman (Brazil)
Uri Liberman (Israel)
Ghassan Maalouf (Lebanon)
Helmut Minne (Germany)
Hirotoshi Morii (Japan)
Socrates Papapoulos (The Netherlands)
Jean-Yves Reginster (Belgium)
GregoriRiera-Espinoza (Venezuela)
René Rizzoli (Switzerland) (ex-officio)
Ego Seeman (Australia)
Yannis Tsouderos (France) (ex-officio)
José Zanchetta (Argentina)

Biographies of IOF board members can be found on the IOF website:

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