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Pierre D. Delmas receives Frederic C. Bartter Award

Nyon, Switzerland
October 5, 2004

Professor Pierre D. Delmas, president of IOF, is the winner of the 2004 Frederic C. Bartter Award. The Frederic C. Bartter Award is given annually to an ASBMR member in recognition of outstanding clinical investigation in disorders of bone and mineral metabolism.

The award was presented at the ASBMR's 26th Annual Meeting held from October 1-5, 2004 in Seattle, Washington, USA.

The award is named after Frederic C. Bartter, M.D., a renowned clinical researcher who devoted a major portion of his career to investigating the interrelation between the kidney and various endocrine systems and contributed to diverse aspects of clinical science. Dr. Bartter was responsible for the description of four clinical syndromes: Congenital adrenal hyperplasia (1952); Syndrome of inappropriate ADH secretion (Schwartz and Bartter, 1956); Bartter's Syndrome (1960) and Syndrome of phosphate depletion (Lotz-Bartter, 1962).

Pierre D. Delmas, only the second European researcher to receive this prestigious award, is professor of Medicine and Rheumatology at the Université Claude Bernard in Lyon and director of the INSERM Research Unit on Pathophysiology of Osteoporosis at the Edouard Herriot Hospital of Lyon. Professor Delmas is a leading researcher in the field of metabolic bone diseases with special focus on osteoporosis. He has authored over 400 articles in international scientific publications and is the Associate Editor of the journals Osteoporosis International and Bone. As President of the IOF, Professor Delmas is actively involved in the development of international educational programs on osteoporosis.

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