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Charts and graphs from the report "Osteoporosis in the European Community: A Call to Action"

Charts and graphs

Number of hip fractures per 10,000 population
PDF, 13.4 KB

Number of hip fractures
PDF, 18.3 KB

Total annual direct hospital costs of hip fractures
PDF, 17.3 KB

Number of hip and spine DXA units per million population
PDF, 14.9 KB

DXA scan of the hip and spine: reimbursement policy in the public health care system
PDF, 17.2 KB

Evidence-based guidelines on diagnosis, treatment and care
PDF, 16.2 KB

Average waiting time for DXA scan
PDF, 15.4 KB

Reimbursement in the public health care system of proven therapies
PDF, 17.5 KB

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