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The Adherence Gap: Why Osteoporosis Patients Don’t Continue With Treatment
A European report highlighting the gap between the beliefs of people with osteoporosis and the perceptions of their physicians

Adherence Gap ReportThis 2005 survey, carried out for IOF by IPSOS Health, aimed to understand the reasons why women with osteoporosis do not stay on treatment. It showed that 34 per cent of women interviewed either didn’t know what the benefits of their medication were or wrongly thought there were no benefits at all. Drawbacks of treatment identified by women were predominantly related to inconvenience and side effects. “This is extremely concerning” said Jean-Yves Reginster, Professor of Epidemiology, Public Health and Health Economics at the University of Liege, Belgium. “If we are going to have an impact on the overall burden of osteoporosis it is vital that our patients stay on therapy long term. This survey shows us that while 90 per cent of women view osteoporosis as a serious condition they don’t fully appreciate all the benefits of their treatment.” The survey also highlighted some major communication gaps between doctors and the patients they treat.

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IOF member societies from around the world had this to say about the survey report:

“The Adherence Gap report is a timely reminder that we need to find ways of improving patient long-term compliance with their osteoporosis medications if women at risk are to minimise their chances of suffering a fracture”
National Osteoporosis Society, UK

“The Hellenic Society of Osteoporosis Patients Support recognises the great importance of finding ways to improve adherence to medication in our fight to reduce fractures. The Adherence Gap report is a timely reminder to all of us involved in improving the management of osteoporosis”
Hellenic Society of Osteoporosis Patients Support, Greece

“The Adherence Gap report gives us tips on how to improve long term adherence with osteoporosis treatment in order to minimize risk of the fractures.”
Hungarian Osteoporosis Patient Association (HOPA)

“If we are to detect any general, overall effect on osteoporosis, it is of utmost importance that the patients continue with their treatment for an extended period of time. If not, the risk for fractures, severe pain and disability increases. The Adherence Gap report shows that communication between physicians and patients must become better, in order to make the treatment as efficient as possible.”
Sonja Rembo, Chairman Riksföreningen Osteoporotiker (ROP), Sweden

“The Brazilian Osteoporosis Patient Society (SOBRAPCO) advises: Stopping your treatment may be very hazardous to the health of your bones. The Adherence Gap report helps us to highlight this fact.”
Sociedad Brasileira de Pacientes con Osteoporose

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