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Osteoporosis International – Impact Factor 2003: 3.799

Osteoporosis International
The only English language journal solely devoted to the diagnosis, treatment and management of osteoporosis.

Progress in Osteoporosis

Progress in Osteoporosis
Quarterly journal providing a summary of the most important literature published in the preceding three to four months.

Reviews and Editorials

CSA-scientific papers



Osteoporosis Action

Osteoporosis Action
Published three times per year, Osteoporosis Action highlights international advocacy efforts, regional news and IOF-member society projects.

Osteoporosis and you

Osteoporosis and You
(12 pages, PDF)
General information about osteoporosis and what you can do for your bone health


Reports on Osteoporosis in the EU

Reports on Osteoporosis
in the EU

How Fragile is Her Future

How Fragile is Her Future
International survey showing that bone loss is not being detected early enough to protect women from osteoporotic fractures.


The Adherence Gap

The Adherence Gap: Why Osteoporosis Patients Don’t Continue With Treatment
A 2005 European survey report highlighting the gap between the beliefs of people with osteoporosis and the perceptions of their physicians

Osteoporosis Paradox

The Osteoporosis Paradox:
The Neglected Disease

Proceedings of a symposium held at the 2nd International Meeting on Social & Economic Aspects of Osteoporosis & Bone Disease in Liège, Belgium (PDF, 301 KB)


Invest in Your Bones Series

Invest in Your Bones

How diet, life styles and genetics affect bone development in young people

Osteoporosis in the Workplace

Osteoporosis in the Workplace


Quality of life

Quality of Life: Why prevent the first fracture?

Osteoporosis in Men: The 'Silent Epidemic' strikes men too


Move it or Lose it

Move it or Lose it
How exercise helps to build and maintain strong bones, prevent falls and fractures, and speed rehabilitation

Information about IOF

Info Leaflets About IOF

Info Leaflets About IOF

Annual Report

Annual Report

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