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Progress in Osteoporosis

Summaries and Critical Analyses of the Current Literature

Progress in Osteoporosis is a quarterly review journal which helps readers keep up with the flood of new information and research developments by providing a summary of the most important literature in the field of osteoporosis published in the preceding three to four months . In addition to the cited reviews and original research, summaries and figures are provided for readers who may not have easy access to all the specialist literature. The summaries are based on the contents of the abstracts that have been abbreviated by the editor to concisely convey the main theme.

Cover of Progress in Osteoporosis

Progress in Osteoporosis is edited by Ego Seeman, an IOF Board Member known for his expert knowledge, enthusiasm and experience. His regular editorial reviews will give readers accurate summaries and incisive commentaries on the most relevant papers.

Progress in Osteoporosis is supported by Roche/GlaxoSmithKline and is distributed in cooperation with their local affiliates.

Further information about the journal is available on the Springer website – click here.

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